The Why of Flies

Guest Blogger: Mary S. Kuss

You don’t have to know much about fly fishing to realize how incredibly complex it can be. It’s a sport of many aspects, any of which can be of prime importance in any given situation. Success, in terms of fish caught, can be rather elusive, especially for the beginner. Yet no practitioner, regardless or experience, knowledge or skill, is immune from failure.
What are some of the factors with which the fly fisher must contend on any given day? Uncontrollable things like weather and water conditions, when and where to fish, what strategy and tactics to employ, one’s casting ability (or lack thereof), what rod and reel outfit is best, what wading gear and clothing should be worn, how long and of what design should the leader be, what length and diameter should the tippet be, what amount of weight should be used on a nymphing rig, what type of strike indicator (if any) and its location on the leader—the list goes on and on.

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