Fly Fishing in Paradise, Part One

Figure 1 - MercedGuest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Winding carefree through perhaps the most soothingly stunning canyon on the planet, meandering in serpentine calm between gentle green meadows guarded by 200-foot giant conifers, the Merced River makes its charmed way down the legendary Yosemite Valley. Except for now and then, it’s in no hurry to leave this place. Its pools and riffles, its grassy wildflower-lined banks, and its friends the stately firs and sequoias and powerful Ponderosa Pines all seem dwarfed to the size of moss by the immense stone walls that stand, an unbroken gauntlet of stoic granite sentries, on both sides all the way down.

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