Dire Streams

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing 

Shallow shoals
Shallow shoals

At time of this writing, much of the USA West Coast is more than three years into a severe drought. Initially its effect on streams was within the scope of normal habitat fluctuations. But as it has worn on, the world of cold-water fish like trout, whitefish and char (e.g. brook trout) is heading from elevated concern toward a desperate and deadly struggle to endure.

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Fly Fishing in Paradise, Part Four

Figure 13 - Merced_Below_GorgeGuest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Yosemite Valley itself, handiwork of the noble Merced River, is a feast for any senses to which one might be a slave. To get one’s head around the impossibility of the monstrous stone walls, and to try to imagine what a cupful of water must think when it comes quite unexpectedly to the brink of a three thousand foot freefall, can leave one at a loss to describe or understand. And few visitors give thought to the equally enrapturing world beneath the waterline; but a fly fisherman’s mind goes immediately to that image.

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The Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise – Part Two

Figure 1__Montana Mongoose ViseGuest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

[. . . Continued from the first installment of my review of the Griffin Enterprises Montana Mongoose fly tying vise. . . . ]

Basic Vise Form Factor
It looks massive but nothing seems to get in the way. Sets up as a right-hander or southpaw, as you like. The top makes a good hand-steadying rest for your off-hand.

The vertical stalk is tall enough for a bobbin to hang but not a lot taller. There’s a supplied 2. 75-inch vertical stalk extension which seems to be intended mostly for table clamp (rather than pedestal base) users. If you put some kind of lock washer on the stalk extension, I think it could be useful with the pedestal base as well and would raise the fly closer to eye level. . . easier than buying a tall table or cutting the legs off one’s chair, anyway. More on the usefulness of this vertical stalk extension in the next section on “tilt. “

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