I Won’t Pay $6.95 a Pound for Okra

cline okra 1Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

My mother was from the Deep South. When she moved to California during WWII she brought with her the taste for Okra. As I grew up in Southern California, Okra—fried, fried with green tomatoes and stewed with tomatoes showed up on our dinner table whenever it was in season. I’ve always enjoyed it, especially fried, and experienced it many different ways in my time in Asia and Europe. Here in SW Montana, Okra doesn’t seem to be that popular and apart from the peak of its season, it rarely shows up in the vegetable departments of local supermarkets. However there is one store that seems to carry everything and in the middle of winter you can still get Okra for $6.95 a pound. That’s too much to pay for a pound of Okra.

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