Tying Flies for GooDoo

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

In preparation for several days of angling for GooDoo, the indigenous name of the Murray Cod, I’ve been filling a large fly box with a variety of patterns that I trust will connect with a respectable sized cod. In March 2020 I’ll be fishing in Eastern Victoria, Australia with local guide Cam McGregor of River Escapes on some of the tributaries of the Murray River. Compared to trout flies, researching GooDoo flies has been a challenge. There are few if any specifically tied for cod with well-known names, but among them there are some common features that appear routinely.

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Pink Things and Goodoo Gurglers

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

Last October I gave a presentation at our local TU Chapter on a different type of kayak fishing—Fishing the Last Mile First. This year I’ve been asked to talk about our 2017 trip to Australia. I am not sure that the program chair asked me because I am a good speaker, or he just needs to fill a slot. So, this year in October I’ll be giving my perspective on fly fishing for trout in Australia. As I’ve pieced together the skeleton of a presentation, I wish I had taken far more photographs than I did. Despite clearly not being any kind of expert on Australian trout fishing, talking about my fly fishing experiences in Victoria and Tasmania isn’t all that challenging. We tossed out a few different flies and caught fish in rivers and lakes that are much different than those I am used to. As I wrote about several times in this blog, fly fishing for trout in Australia isn’t all that different than here in the U.S. except that the trout swim on the left side of the river instead of the right.

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