Day Trip on the Upper Ruby River

cline upper ruby 1Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT
After weeks of big river fishing with streamers, I needed a break. So on a cool Tuesday morning in July I set off early for the headwaters of Stinking Water River (better known today as the Ruby River) in southwest Montana. The Ruby flows some 76 miles from its origins on the flanks of the Gravelly and Snowcrest Ranges to its confluence with the Beaverhead near Twin Bridges, Montana. Nestled in the valley between the two 10,000 foot mountain ranges, the main stem of the Ruby starts at a modest 6800 feet just north of the remote Centennial Valley in a lovely, willow filled meadow. Dozens of small streams flow into the Ruby near its headwaters as it grows on its journey down the Ruby valley. The Ruby got its name in 1877 for the prolific garnet finds in the valley.

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Why I Fly Fish

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why I fish james bOften I find myself attempting to balance conventional fishing and fly fishing.  As a passionate angler, I enjoy both equally but lately, I tend to grab my fly rod over my baitcaster when I head out to fish.  Which begs the question, why is fly fishing slowly winning my heart and why is it more enjoyable than conventional fishing?

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