Day Trip – Icebreaker

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

Cresting Bozeman Pass, the Absaroka Range comes into view
Cresting Bozeman Pass, the Absaroka Range comes into view

It’s March 6th, 2015. I am in my 68th year. My last cast was sometime in late November 2014. I missed the opportunity to fish some extremely warm and pleasant February days because my waders were at Simms for repair. Last week Simms graciously replaced my tattered 4 year old waders with a new pair free. My angst of not having a pair of waders ready to go was assuaged. Two weeks of extremely cold weather and snow had dampened any initiative to get out on the water. New waders and warmer weather sparked the lust for time on the water. It’s Friday. I don’t have any commitments and the daytime temps are going to hit the low 50s. I wake up and commit to a trip to the Yellowstone.

Early starts provide no rewards in March. It was 20 degrees at dawn on March 6th, but I was committed. I left the house around noon, taking most of the morning assembling the various pieces of gear I’d use that day. It’s tragic how one forgets where things are over the course of winter. I loaded up the kayak and the rods I would need. I put at least 6 fly boxes in the dry bag knowing I’d only use a few. We live west of downtown Bozeman, so a stop at the favorite fly shop was on the way. Justin hadn’t heard anything about the Yellowstone for several weeks. I was on my own.

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