A Tribute To Those Who Came Before

Vintage Copy of Bergman's Trout
Vintage Copy of Bergman’s Trout

Guest Blogger: Bob Nelson, Sacramento, CA

I was going through some old fly tying stuff and came across a box of 100 #16 Mustad 98480 hooks with a price tag of $1.95. I got me thinking of how lucky I was to have a couple of guys named Richard in my life. Dick Miller was an elementary teacher in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the fifth and sixth grades, we had clubs one day a week as the last period. Mr. Miller started a fly tying club and I joined. I was already familiar with fly fishing as both my older brothers were fly fishermen. My oldest brother, Dick, bought me my first fly rod, a bamboo rod from Montgomery Wards. He taught me how to cast, how to read the water. He showed me how to look through the water to see the fish. My two brothers taught me a lot about camping also, but that’s another story.

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