Memorial Day Flies

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Lt Colonel USAF Retired, Bozeman, Montana

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere aren’t any flies that are especially good for Memorial Day fishing over and above a good woolly bugger or elk hair caddis. But Kate at J. Stockard challenged me to tie a few red, white and blue numbers for this Memorial Day blog. The challenge, which I accepted was made a tad difficult as I was out of town on business until the Friday before Memorial Day. I knew what I wanted to tie, but wasn’t home to do it. As I woke up on Friday morning after a week of travel, I took a quick inventory of the red, white and blue materials in my fly tying stash and noted a number of missing ingredients. A quick trip to the fly shop was in order. $50 later I was at the bench. The trip to the fly shop did have additional benefits because I needed my 2016 Yellowstone license for the season which starts on Saturday. When Memorial Day comes around it marks the kickoff of the Yellowstone season.  I was also able to catch up on the status of a few rivers.

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