Why Fly Fish

Long Beach Vancouver Island by Phil Rispin
Long Beach Vancouver Island by Phil Rispin. See NOTE 5 below for how to purchase this photo.

Guest Blogger: Phil Rispin, Fly Fisher & Photographer

This past summer I was interviewed about Fly Fishing by a newspaper reporter from the Red Deer Advocate in Alberta. One of the questions the young man asked me was “Why do I Fly Fish?” I really didn’t have a well thought out answer. In fact, most fishing writers I have read have a real problem coming up with an answer that could be easily verbalized or written down. In his many books John Geirach, one of my favorite irreverent old fly fishing hippies, often makes an observation about whether catching fish is actually the point of the activity. So since this past summer I’ve been navel gazing and wondering how I should answer that question and my mind has wandered down many interesting paths.

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Mixing Two Passions

Meet a New Guest Blogger: Phil Rispin, fly fisher and photographer

Fishing In The Early Morning Mist by Phil Rispin
Fishing In The Early Morning Mist by Phil Rispin

I frequently find myself standing in a stream with my Fly Rod in my left hand, line in the water drifting through a great piece of water while my right hand is fumbling for the Camera I keep in my vest so I can take a picture of something I just saw. In a stretch of stream like the one just below the dam on the Little Red at Heber Springs Arkansas this means that you are going to miss a lot of strikes. The trout there carefully mouth very small offerings barely moving the strike indicator and if you aren’t concentrating hard you miss them.

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