Try Tying These Pine Squirrel Buggers

pine squirrel buggersGuest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman MT

Canadian Pine Squirrel has turned out to be a very versatile tying material. Where I fish in SW Montana, micro zonkers are very popular and are routinely tied with pine squirrel instead of rabbit fur. The fine fur is also useful for many types of nymph bodies and leech patterns. One of my go-to flies has always been the woolly bugger as I just thrive on striping streamers for Montana and Wyoming trout. Woolly bugger bodies are typically tied with some form of chenille or dubbing and palmered with a suitable hackle. The traditional go-to colors have always been shades of black, brown or olive, colors that pine squirrel skins are found in. A recent experience on the Missouri River prompted me to experiment with pine squirrel for woolly buggers.

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