A Case for the Fly Rod

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

No, this is not a legal brief. Here’s a simple and practical winter project: Many fine fly rods do not come with a travel case; others ship with a case too flimsy to protect the rod from the ubiquitous clumsy fishing buddy or family teenager rummaging for earphones. Travel cases can be ordered separately or purchased in fly shops, but you’ll drop $30 to $90 for one and you still may not know if the tube around which it’s built is cardboard or deformable aluminum or something that will shatter with age and the application of a hobnail boot.

But it’s quite easy to make a nice strong case that will last a lifetime…and if the rod is a 4-piece, such a case will cost you around eight to eleven bucks. An incredibly strong travel case can be made out of simple PVC or ABS pipe from any hardware store. This is no news scoop and many of us do this, I know…but surprisingly many do not. So I’ll list off the simple steps I use to make one.

A case should do the following:

* Protect the rod from being crushed
* Eliminate rattling of the rod inside the case
* Especially protect the rod section ends from shattering if the case is dropped on its end
* Make carrying from the truck to the stream a breeze
* Be a buffer against heat
* Be easily identified from any other rod cases you might have
* Be easily findable in the brush if you so choose
* Look acceptably nice
* Give you years of pride
* Inspire respect from your fishing buddies
* Be cheap as blue blazes

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