Fly Swaps and the Green Butt Skunk

IMG_20150121_082323 resizeGuest Blogger: Eunan Hedron, Classic Fly Tyer, Eunan Blogs @ Addicted to Vise

Customizing your flies – this is where dyeing feathers becomes useful!

For me, fly swaps have been a great way to get new patterns to fish, and also to try my hand at tying patterns I normally wouldn’t tie, while adding a little personal twist to certain patterns by tweaking the materials. I do try to retain the overall essence of the fly that it is still recognizable as a certain pattern.

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Classic Steelhead Flies

Guest Blogger: Eunan Hedron, Classic Fly Tyer

With steelhead season fast approaching (if not already here) in the North East I thought to tie up some classic swinging steelhead flies. I’ve made a trip to New York’s Salmon River a few times with my buddies, but missed the last couple of years. Current plans are to make another trip up there later in the fall. Previously when I’d fished that watershed, I’d used nymphs and egg flies but figured this year I’d try to swing some classics.

The flies below are well established steelhead patterns, given a modern twist, i.e. I use some different materials for the wings and body, (as indicated). All are tied on Dave McNeese Blue Heron Spey hooks, Size 3 (the smallest) – the only hook of the three in that line which is within Salmon River, NY tackle regulations (at last check). I’ll likely add a few more patterns to the box before the trip!

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