A Picker At Heart

fiberglassFrom Guest Blogger: Jeff Price

No, not that type of picker!  Have you ever seen the show American Pickers?  I have, and I am a big fan.  Why?  Because I like the idea of rooting around trying to find something that no one has seen for quite a while and rescuing it, preserving it for others to enjoy.  My degree is in history.  As far back as I can remember, I have always loved history.  I always wanted to be an archaeologist because… well… let’s face it, I wanted to be Indiana Jones (still do, sometimes).  Later I came to realize that the idea of finding something and holding it for the first time in hundreds of years was thrilling to me. While not hundreds of years old, I feel the same way about vintage fiberglass fly rods. Two years ago, I made the switch to fiberglass rods and I haven’t looked back.

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