Water Visibility & Stream Trout Fishing – Part 2

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

Three days and three completely different patterns for where the fish were and which fly the trout preferred. This is what trout fishing is all about. A big part of being successful at stream trout fishing is problem solving. Every day is a new day with its own unique weather and water conditions. Sometimes you can get a couple of outings in a row where everything is the same but that is rare.

Patterns begin to emerge the more you fish. Keeping a fishing log can help put those patterns together. Recording the date, a brief description of the weather, water clarity, time of day, where fish were caught and what they were caught on will help piece the patterns together.

There are a couple of simple maxims to keep in mind as you start fishing on each outing. First, fish tend to hold near areas where current brings food past them. They rarely hold in fast current unless there is an obstruction or a depression in the riverbed breaking the current. Holding in fast current requires extra energy. Unless food is plentiful, a fish cannot afford to expend more energy in the current than it will gain from the food it can eat.

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