Day Trip – Interuptus

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

Day Trip Interruptus 1It was a typical morning in my fishing life. I had decided the night before on a destination for an early morning start. Gear—cameras, hat, glasses, etc.—was laid out on the dining room table.

Out in the pickup I’d loaded up the two fly rods I planned to use on the day. The weather had cooled a bit so I would be using my waders and regular wading boots. After reviewing the weather (it wasn’t going to be windy and there’d be light cloudiness) I thought I’d head over to one of my favorite stretches of the Yellowstone. I’d been monitoring the flows over the last month as the river dropped out of run-off and it had reached a level (less than 4000CFS) that would be comfortable with the kayak. According to recent fly shop reports, the Yellowstone had been fishing well. I was ready to go, but had failed to notice some depressing news in last minute fly shop reports.

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