Guest Blogger: Eunan Hendron, Eunan blogs at Addicted to Vise

medallion+traditional+head+prbr-10tIt’s no secret I predominantly tie flies on very large hooks, often with fragile ‘Japan Black’ finish, which will break off if there is too much pressure applied to the hook in a vise. So when I got pretty good at tying salmon flies I purchased a vise that would specifically fit my needs – hold the hook well and not damage the fragile finish – both needs admirably delivered my Cottarelli vise.

However, as I started to tie smaller and smaller flies alongside the salmon flies, I found my trusty Cottarelli to be cumbersome and awkward, particularly for access to hooks smaller than size 10. So I got to thinking about a new vise, specifically for small flies. I read a lot of stuff on various forums and websites and came to the decision that a Regal vise was the one for me.

At the Lancaster Fly Fishing show in March 2015 I took a Regal for a test drive. Not only did it perform well with the small hooks in the Traditional Jaws, but they also comfortably held a big 2/0 hook on which I tied a hat pin fly.

With those two attributes, as well as a smoking hot deal at the show, I decided to take the vise home with me. Since then I’ve tied a couple hundred flies with the Regal and it performs excellently in every regard. I’m impressed with the hook holding power of the Traditional jaws as I’ve tied down to size 18 in them. That said, I can certainly see how a set of Midge jaws would work even better for those midges I tie.

The advantage of a second vise for me is that I can start a salmon fly in the Cottarelli and leave it there if I want or need to tie another fly style in the Regal. Often I get frustrated with a salmon fly if I can’t get a particular element to sit on the hook how I’d like it. With the Regal on the other side of my bench, I can still get my tying ‘hit’ while I consider how to rectify the problems of the salmon fly.

It’s the win-win situation I’d been searching for, and I couldn’t be happier!

If you’re in the market for a second or even just a back up vise, I can strongly recommend the Regal range and particularly the Regal Traditional set up.




  1. I have a number of vices, one of which is having more than one vise.
    With that said I have a tough time not just grabbing my Regal for about any trout fly I tie. They are a great example of elegance achieved through simplicity.

  2. Why bother with another vise for any fly smaller than an 18? The Regal holds well, is quick to grab the fly, is solid and looks great. One day I may get the mini jaws and then retire my small HMH. Till then the Regal rules.

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