rite bobbin 2The Rite™ Bobbin from Merco Products in Nye, MT is one of our most popular fly tying tools. We sell 100’s every year!

Like an auto mechanic’s torsion wrench (before the days of air-driven wrenches), this bobbin takes the guesswork out of winding thread, and all but eliminates breakage at the same time. Each model features a solid brass arm and a click drag adjustment to regulate the thread tension. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these bobbins deliver maximum thread control thanks to their unique brass tension wheel and top-quality components. This is a super-functional bobbin with micro-adjustable-tension and it is one of the best fly tying tools on the market today. To quote the manufacturer, “ONLY A SPIDER HAS BETTER THREAD CONTROL”.

rite bobbin standardTo learn more about the Rite Bobbin, take a look at these introductory videos describing how to use the various models available.

We stock the three most popular Rite Bobbins. Try one this tying season.


  1. My “shorty” broke within a week of purchasing it. The ceramic stem isn’t reinforced and is quite fragile. Dropping the bobbin or storing the bobbin with the stem in one of the holes on a fly tying bench along with other bobbins and tools is almost sure to result in a similar experience.

    Will Merco Products repair or replace a broken ceramic stem?

    1. We haven’t had this problem but we don’t sell the ‘shorty’. Merco supports its products well. We suggest you go back to your original retailer for a fix or a replacement.

    2. Update on the broken ceramic Rite Bobbin – Free repair!

      Although the response was a bit delayed, this morning, Lyle Graff did respond to my earlier email inquiry regarding replacement or repair of the broken ceramic tube on my ill-fated “Shorty” Rite Bobbin. He is mailing a replacement ceramic tube at no charge, and also included in his email the fairly simple instructions for removing the old, broken tube an replacing it with the new one. He also offered the option to return the bobbin to him for free repair.

      So, while my earlier caution about the potential for breaking the ceramic tube on a Rite Bobbin stands, please also note that customer service was responsive and the bobbin will soon be back in service. Thanks!

  2. These are great bobbins and the only type i use. Further, customer service from the company is excellent.

    The owner, Lyle Graff, will be at the International Fly Tying Symposium, Nov 22 & 23, stop by his fly tying table and talk with him about the different types of bobbins and get a demo at the Rite Bobbin Booth. Hes a great guys and very enthusiastic about the products he offers!


  3. Where do I get replacement ceramic tubes for my rite bobbins – they are snagging my UTC thread.


    Gregg Messel
    Three Forks. Montana

      1. Hi,
        No that is Not the bobbin I am looking for. I want a black plastic bobbin which the thread bobbin fits around the black plastic bobbin.
        I have a picture of it if you need it.
        Henry Holllis

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