Guest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

Last winter I bought a run-down house in Deposit N.Y. on the Upper west Branch of the Delaware river. It was once the one room schoolhouse for the town of Deposit New York. For the last twenty years or more it was a storage shack with no electricity or plumbing owned by a man from New York City who also had a mobile home across the street. The man had a dream where he sold one property and built on to my shack and spent summers in it with his wife. It seems time and age caught up with him and at age eighty-five he sold the property to me. He said that after his wife passed, he just didn’t come up to the Catskills anymore. I bought it from him and hatched my dry fly getaway dreams.

The property around the cabin was covered with ticks and weeds and general debris. The shack itself was solid enough to rebuild but generally a total disaster. Some of my buddies my stickers with a picture of the place that said “Brandy’s trout shack” and put them everywhere I would find them but most were eager to lend a hand at getting the place rolling. It took two forty-yard dumpsters, several trailer trips to the dump and everyone I could find to get the place turned around. It also includes, a new roof, a new well pump and tank, and brand new two-hundred-amp panel.

I bought this cabin for many reasons. The two most prominent are that I love fishing that river and I want a place for me and all my friends and family to gather and enjoy it. I always come to understand things a little to late. The local fly shop closed, and I never understood what it meant to the local fishing community until after. Covid hit and I finally realize that fishing with friends and creating an experience is more valuable than I had ever known. I watched my father work until he was 67 years old and then move to his little house on a trout river. I’m not waiting that long and I’m taking my buddies with me.

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  1. I have fished the WB for many years while I lived in NY. We moved to Florida seven years ago, but return each summer to renew our love for fly fishing. We fish on Stylesville, treatment plant and game lands area. So glad that you are realizing your dream and wish you the best. Hope to see you on the river,tight lines.

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