flymen Stonefly cropFlymen Fishing continues to expand their innovative line of fly tying products. And their recently introduced Evolution™ Tungsten Beads are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Flymen is also introducing a series of flies featuring these new beads including the Evolution™ Stonefly. This realistic looking stone fly pattern was inspired by Kauffman’s Stonefly and is tied in a very similar way. The profile of this popular, proven stonefly pattern is now enhanced by using an Evolution™ Stonefly Tungsten Bead and barred rubber legs to create more action as the fly drifts across the river bed.

Use these Stonefly Tying Instructions to tie your own fly before they are even available from Flymen Fishing and get all the materials you need @ J. Stockard:

Hook: Curved Nymph/Stonefly Hook 3XL
Bead: Evolution Stonefly Tungsten Bead
Thread: Choose VEEVUS, UNI or Danville
Wire: Lead Wire
Rib: Vinyl D-Rib (small or midge size)
Antenna & Tail: Goose Biots
Wingcase: Turkey
Abdomen & Thorax: Hareline Hare’s Ear PLUS Dubbing
Legs: Barred Rubber Legs

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