fish eyeHere at J. Stockard our business of offering a wide range of fly tying products often involves stocking a huge selection of colors in many different products. Just consider one popular product group – Flashabou from Hedron.

In basic Flashabou we stock 27 different colors and five of them are varying shades of green! Our whole range of Flashabou products involves nine different varieties, each with different optical properties, offered in 80+ colors! This plethora of color and flash among our fly tying products often makes us wonder – what exactly do fish see?

There has been a good amount of research done on the topic – how and what fish see and how their sight is effected by the optical qualities of water. We just came across this very interesting short talk on the subject given by of Dr. Aaron Adams, Director of Operations for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. In this 12 minute video, Dr. Adams, a Ph.D. in marine and environmental science who has studied marine fish ecology throughout his professional career, applies his knowledge of fish biology and fish vision to how he approaches fly tying. He talks about tying flies from the perspective of motion, profile and, most especially, color. He has some great practical advice about what specific colors different species of fish actually see, why we choose the colors we do and how to change colors to fit a variety of fishing conditions. This video is definitely worth a look!

Read more about the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Dr. Adams here.

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