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J. Stockard recommends this post from James Belekanich of theyakpond.com

why I fish james bOften I find myself attempting to balance conventional fishing and fly fishing.  As a passionate angler, I enjoy both equally but lately, I tend to grab my fly rod over my baitcaster when I head out to fish.  Which begs the question, why is fly fishing slowly winning my heart and why is it more enjoyable than conventional fishing?

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  1. Well put, James. I got out at dawn yesterday morning after a 3am alarm clock, and didn’t catch a dang thing…but was still very happy with the morning. I got a couple of very shy takes on a nymph pattern, and might have learned one or two small things. A great morning, with wildlife swimming across the stream right in front of me and the sun just tickling the water.

    The art of it all isn’t likely to pry spin-casters and bait-soakers out of their attempts to fill stringers…but maybe a couple of more practical advantages can help do that. Here are a couple I’ve realized over the years:

    1. With fly fishing, you’re typically in the water, or at least away from other fishermen. No one crowds you too much–no one wants your hook in their ear, I guess. You get a period of peace.

    2. With fly fishing you feel very self-sufficient–very self-contained. Your vest holds everything you need. It’s all right there, and you don’t have to wade over to a box, or be pinned down to one spot because you set your stuff there.

    3. Let’s face it–virtually none of us fish anymore because we’ll go hungry if we don’t. With fly fishing, there’s so much satisfaction in just getting the fish to take. It means you’ve fooled it. That’s success right there, regardless of whether you hook it or land it.

    4. With fly fishing, fish are easy to unhook. Swallowing a hook is so rare. No one enjoys the bloody mess of getting a deep hook out.

    5. With fly fishing, the fish fight so much harder! Fish hate hooks; a hook hurts like the devil How hard do you think you could fight with a mouthful of treble hooks? You’d certainly be hard pressed to turn every which way, leap repeatedly, thrash with every ounce of energy. Fly fishing gives us so much more excitement.

    My own reasons for fly fishing have a lot to do with where trout live, and are scheduled to be posted on J. Stockard’s site in another week or so…but I just thought I’d add a couple of “practical” reasons to your many excellent observations.

    – Michael Vorhis

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